Ozone Revisited

Offered for Educational and Informational Purposes only; not intended as Medical Advice.

Preliminary data January 15, 1998 Copyright 1997 Robert C. Beck, D.Sc.

Recent re-evaluation of ozone suggests that while it is controversial as a stand-alone therapy, ozone when directly ingested in water simultaneously with electroporation (biphasic microcurrents in arteries) provides a truly remarkable boost to total system oxygenation, plus natural and rapid detoxification. Measurements show dramatic increases in blood oxygen within minutes, using meters like the Nellcor(R) NPB-40 “Percent Oxygen Saturation Meter” (Nellcor Puritan Bennett, Inc., Pleasanton, CA 94599, 1-(800)-NELLCOR). Many different “Ozonizers”, sold at health EXPOs for prices up to $4700, are large heavy suitcases, must plug into AC, and almost universally use vastly inferior Ultra-Violet systems and bottled oxygen instead of the preferred high-voltage cold-corona utilizing air for ozone production. Described here is a superior design producing faster, more concentrated ozone than other available home units. It is a very portable three-way, stand-alone system. You can choose to utilize either internal battery power, or AC plug-in, or car lighter powered input. It can be put together by anyone for a fraction of the cost of top-of-the-line ozonizers. A second cheaper but slower do-it-yourself design using AC power only is also shown here. It uses inexpensive parts for the budget-minded but still works superbly. Ozone, unlike other forms of oxygen, carries negative electrical charges that specifically counteract free radical damage, scavenge cross-linking and re-charge depleted cells. Ionic silver colloids also greatly assist this “rejuvenation” process by restoring free electrons.

Ozone rapidly converts (oxidizes) all known toxins and wastes long present in your body cells to H2O and CO2 which flush out easily and rapidly without utilizing colonics, lymph, spleen, liver, or kidney detoxing or any other treatments.


Connect together in this order:

 1 - 12.6V 1.2 Ampere-hour rechargeable lead-acid gel-cell battery      $ 16.50
     (~1-1/2 hour/charge)
 1 - In-line fuse holder (EM brand GMA 18 Ga.)                             2.49
 1 - 5-8 Amp short fuses; Female spade .187, 18-22 GA battery connectors   3.15
    Action Electronics, 1300 E. Edinger Ave., Santa Ana, 92705
 1 - Connector set, cigarette lighter male plug and female jack            2.50
 1 - 12 VDC to 110 VAC inverter (NOTEpower brand, model #PW-50)           71.95
     Mar Vac Electronics, 2001 Harbor, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
 1 - AC adapter to triple outlet (Drugstore)                               2.00
 1 - Aquarium aerification pump                                           35.00
     (Schego Optimal 5 W 250 liter/hour membrane)
     Strictly Fish, 12227 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA
 1 - German Sander brand model 200 fish tank ozonizer,                   389.00
     adjustable 0-200 mg ozone
     TIS Tropical Fish, 16175 Brookhurst, Fountain Valley, CA
 1 - 25 feet of flexible plastic airline tubing 1/4" OD cat. #14507        3.89
 1 - Check Valve (prevents water from back-siphoning into ozonizer)        2.19
 1 - Airstone (glass bead or ceramic - not plastic),                       2.49
     Fine bubbles, Kordon # 62503
 1 - (Optional) Spring-wound timer, 0-60 minutes or SPST switch           12.00
     (Fry's Electronics),
     Switch cuts off system at selected time
     Wire between battery and inverter
  -  You may need a plastic, leather, or canvas camera bag or              ?.??
     other small carrying case
 Total: Retail Price for currently preferred system                     $540.50
        (Only $324 wholesale)

A less expensive but excellent system is described next. It plugs into 115V AC, uses less powerful and fewer parts, is somewhat slower, but produces the highest quality ozone from ambient air or bottled oxygen.

 1 - Sander model 25 hi-voltage cold-corona aquarium ozonizer           $169.99
 1 - Whisper # 500 aquarium air pump;                                     26.99
     Silaflex II (not rubber) diaphragm and valves
     Fishland, 13079 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92643
   - Miscellaneous plastic tubing, check valve, fine bubble stone,         8.60
     extension cord, etc.
 Total: Retail Price for complete system                                $205.58
        (Only $123.35 wholesale)

List prices: Sander Ozonizers 25 mg-$169.99; 50 mg-$189.99; 100 mg-$244.99; and 200 mg (most powerful “portable”) for $389. Purchase the strongest corona unit you can afford. Avoid cheaper, weaker Ultra-Violet types.

Note: Nitrogen by-products, oxides and acids produced with air and cold corona discharge have been tested and found negligible and harmless in ozonized drinking water. But hot arcing produces unwanted byproducts using air, pure oxygen does not. So to be safe start with bottled oxygen and pure water only if making ozone intended for intermuscular injection, insufflation, direct blood infusions, or with heparin for auto-dialysis (bubbling blood in a vessel for re-injection or “autohemotherapy”). “Medical” (requiring prescription to buy) and “industrial” (welding) oxygen are identical and come from the same tanks at suppliers who charge more by pretending that “medical-grade” oxygen is somehow “different”. Ambient air works well for drinkable ozone. The colder and purer your water and the deeper the container (for greater pressure) plus the smaller the volume of water being bubbled, the most ozone dissolves faster and the longer it lasts. Ideal bubblers are ~3″ diameter X 2-1/2 feet high Teflon or Polypropylene tubes with airstone at very bottom. Tall, thin plastic bottles work almost as well but their greater content takes a little longer for saturation. Non-reactive Pyrex containers are better.

To use: submerge airstone to bottom and “bubble” ~10 OZ containers of 1/2 ice + 1/2 cold tap water for ~5 minutes with the inexpensive design or ~2 minutes with the more powerful 200 mg ozonizer. Charge cold water in a large bottle for up to ~25 minutes. Drink immediately since ozone, without stabilizers (even in ice water), has a half-life of about 20 minutes so retains its full potency for only a short time. Benefits start in minutes and are far superior to many other expensive products claimed to provide “bound” oxygen (chlorites; CIO2) or proprietary “Vitamin O” stabilized oxygen boosters. Ozone cannot be stored which is why everyone needs his own generator to make ozone immediately before using for the best possible results.

Never breathe ozone or ozonized air as it damages (oxidizes) lung tissue even in small quantities.


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