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I want to introduce you to my friend Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby and his very important book.

The book is called "Diet Wise" and it is a book that you will definitely benefit from.

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Who is Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby?

"The Number One Allergy Detective" (Sunday Mail 1990)

He's featured a number of times on Electro-Therapy on 'Coast To Coast AM' with George Noory (and other hosts).

He has been appointed Professor of Bio-Energy Medicine at the Capital University for Integrative Medicine, Washington DC.


Professor Michael Kirkman, University of Portsmouth, BSc Course in Natural and Complementary Medicine comments on Virtual Medicine:

"Keith Scott-Mumby has managed to tread a careful path through the domain of esoteric metaphysical matters, throwing light on the case and yet not being bogged down by the associated mystical rhetoric. His story reads like an adventure into knowledge and is underpinned with frequent scientific references. In this way, Keith has pushed the cause of holism and integrated medicine considerably beyond its previous parameters."

"I am a general practitioner in Australia and have read your book. I am most impressed, and grateful for your depth of knowledge, and research into the world of energetic medicine. Thank you for your efforts. May the search continue!"
- sincerely Dr. Philip Ewart

Before we get into the details of the book you can get to know who Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby is and how cool of a Doctor he really is by listening to this audio he recorded about the...

Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolate!

This audio is a bit long but it's got some great info. You'll learn real details of the nutrients in chocolate and how to determine if the chocolate you eat has them or not!

While you are listening to Dr. Keith's audio about chocolate I'll let you know that he's actually developed a special chocolate formula which actually gives you a daily supplement.

I'll let you in on more info on this when there is an easy way for you to order it. Right now there is a site but honestly the ordering process is so convoluted that I'm waiting for the distribution group to fix it (it's not Dr. Keith's fault ;-).

If you are anxious to get some of this you can contact me and I'll help you out.

So let's get back to this book...

Like I said it's called "Diet Wise"

And here's how Dr. Keith talks of his newest book:

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Is Your Body Reacting Badly To Foods You Eat on a Daily Basis?

"It is not a plan. In fact it explains why diet plans often don't work and why they make some people feel sick. The theme is that everyone is different - no two people tolerate foods in exactly the same way.

There is no such thing as a universal diet plan, nor can there ever be, as this book explains. What you can do is work out your own unique eating plan, which is just about perfect for you. Then you'll lose weight, look good, feel great, and live a long long time..."

- Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

It's a sort of super-Rolls-Royce version of the modern detox diet, by one of the pioneers who actual first developed the concept of "detox" decades ago. As well as plentiful explanations of the science and mechanisms, there are lots of moving and heart-warming stories about how people overcame seemingly hopeless odds to recover their health and wellbeing, using these vital life and biology principles.

If you are not familiar with Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby it's likely because he's from the UK but now has relocated to the US to share his knowledge and experience with us.

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I'm actually so sure you'll like it that I'll let you return it for a refund if you don't like it. For books I don't usually do this cause returned books aren't really sellable!

The book a perfect bound 308 page softcover: $19.95

Order your copy of the
"Diet Wise" book risk free
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Order from my website and you'll have access to the special interview recordings that I do with Dr. Keith which I'll be especially for helping your diet if you are using energetic therapy.

(These will not be immediately available but you will have first access when they are for no additional expense)

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