Bob Beck based his original research on a study that went on in the 1990 at Albert Einstein Medical College. Dr. Kaali and Wyman took HIV infected blood in a petri dish and zapped it with a micro-current of electricity. They found that the electrity neutralized the HIV very effectively.

A patent was awarded in 1993 (US Patent# 5,188,738) for the system of utilizing this effect.

This technology was unfortunately “shelved”.

Nothing happened with it.

Luckily a man named Robert C. Beck, an inventor and doctor of physics, noticed this research. In his mind he thought why use a device like a dialysis machine and take the blood to be zapped and remove it from the body? After all the blood is constantly moving through the body and we can utilize this movement and simply ‘zap’ the blood while it flows through!

So Bob Beck went on to design a small, battery powered unit which supplied enough of a current of electricity to zap the blood through the skin.

After all, why would you want to remove the blood from the body if it isn’t necessary?

So Bob Beck wrote up an experimental protocol which was published in Explore! publication which included circuit diagrams and details on how to build and use this device.

In the 1990’s after Bob Beck’s publication of this information researchers all over the world tested his methods and shared their results.

As more people reported results, more development went on and a number of folks began manufacturing these circuits so people wouldn’t have to solder it together. They got more and more convenient to use and the methods of use got more and more clarified.

This technology still represents one of the most popular electro-therapy approaches shared online.

It was kind of like an Open Source project the way the information spread originally which likely contributed to it’s popularity.

You can still build one if you like. Here’s a link to a video that shows you how if you’re into that sort of tinkering.

If you’d rather just purchase a unit the best one that I’ve found is the Silver Pulser.

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Blood Electrifier

There was a 2nd (and actually a third one which I’ll get to later) technology that Bob Beck added to his experimental protocol. It’s called “Pulsed Magnetic Therapy” and the specific type of fields that Beck used were very high intensity fields.

Other systems which use very low intensity fields have become quite popularized in Europe.

The high intensity pulsed magnetic fields that Bob Beck used were designed to cause a flow of electricity in the conductive pathways of the nearby tissue.

Think of it like this…

When a magnet is moved near a coil of wire the movement of the magnetic field causes a current to flow in the coil of wire.

The same thing happens when a magnetic field is pulsed, as if the field was not there at one moment but slowly increases to it’s peak of intensity (field strength). This peak is ‘pushing’ a magnetic field into the conductive pathways (your tissue) and thereby causing a current to flow.

Keep in mind these currents are tiny compared to electricity as you know it used in electronics.

Tiny micro-currents generated by moving magnetic fields which interact with our natural bio-fields and bio-currents…

There’s many theories about how these currents may affect ones health, some involve the natural mechanisms your body uses to produce horomones and bio-nutrients needed for metabolism, some involve the destruction of pathogenic micro-organisms.

Many theories…

Most likely many of them are at least partly correct to paint a holistic picture of how the health of our human anatomy can best function and hopefully allow us to learn to live feeling younger and more vibrant lives.

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I’ve put together a bunch of information about Bob Beck’s history here on this next page.


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